Visual Perception

visual perception - fdmtDiscerning between shapes, sizes, and colours, sorting and eye-hand coordination are the cornerstones for reading, writing, math, and a host of other skills. Hand-eye coordination is essential and allows hand and fingers control based on visual information.

Develop a strong foundation with these products that are both fun and educational. Great for group or individual activities,


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Giant Puzzle - Marmoset & friends
  • CAD $22.95 /Piece
Happy Cube
  • CAD $3.95
    CAD $1.82 /Piece
Magnetic Marble Mazes
  • CAD $19.95 /Piece
Mes premiers casse-têtes à colorier - les animaux
  • CAD $26.95 /Piece
Premiers mots
  • CAD $19.95 /Piece
Primo puzzle
  • CAD $16.95 /Piece
Puzzle - Colorful Dinosaurs
  • CAD $19.95 /Piece
Puzzle - Ocean Friends
  • CAD $19.95 /Piece
Sound puzzle - Around the house
  • CAD $22.95 /Piece
Wooden Sound Puzzles
  • CAD $21.95 /Piece