Bouncyband® creates unique products, which use body movements to stimulate the brain and boost concentration!

They are designed based on the Yerkes-Dodson’s Law, which proves that there is a direct correlation between a good level of activation and cognitive performance (brain). The goal is to find the right balance!

How? Moving or fidgeting will activate your senses and fuel up your energy and attention level. Once you’ve found your optimal zone, mind will be motivated and ready to put on your best performance. These tools be used by everyone at school or at the office, even at home for to remote work of with kids during homework.

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Bouncyband Fidget Phone
  • CAD $15.95 /Piece
Bouncyband for chair - Elementary
  • CAD $27.95 /Piece
Bouncyband for chairs - Middle / high school
  • CAD $29.95 /Piece
Bouncyband for desk
  • CAD $29.95 /Piece
Fidget foot roller
  • CAD $31.95 /Piece
Flexible & Dynamic Wobble Seat
  • CAD $89.95 /Piece
Inflatable Sensory Peapod
  • CAD $169.95 /Piece
Peanut Shape Textured Sensory Ball
  • CAD $79.95 /Piece
Peapod Chair 
  • CAD $139.95 /Piece
Portable sensory seat 13 in
  • CAD $37.95 /Piece
Portable Study Privacy Partition
  • CAD $37.95 /Piece
Posture and concentration kit
  • CAD $64.95 /Piece
Sensory Seat Junior - 27 cm
  • CAD $25.95 /Piece
Sensory Tent - 145 cm
  • CAD $239.95 /Piece
Sit and Twist Active Seat Cushion
  • CAD $44.95 /Piece
Textured Sensory Ball
  • CAD $59.95 /Piece
Universal Bouncy Band For Chairs
  • CAD $29.95 /Piece
Wiggle Feet Sensory Cushion
  • CAD $37.95 /Piece
Wiggle Wobble Chair Feet
  • CAD $38.95 /Piece