About fdmt

All children learn differently and our goal is to help them develop to their full potential. We wholeheartedly offer you resources, games, educational materials and quality sensory tools. We are your allies in challenges, your accomplices in daily pleasures.

The birth of our manimo: our weighted animals was the starting point of the enterprise. We saw and listened to the professional needs. We understood the parents. We acted!!

The sensory tools we created builded our reputation across the country. Ever since, weighted lizards, snakes, frogs and dolphins improve daily lives for thousands of people. In addition, our strength lies in a dynamic team who listens to the needs expressed. Remarkable people use their talents to benefit our service to exceptional people like you.

Mothers and fathers understand your needs, pedagogues and educators contribute to your experience and attentive advisors are there to help you!

Our mandate is to promote everyone's development to their fullest potential!

(Which translates in french as "favoriser le développement maximal de tous", fdmt)