Fiora is the result of years of research and product development, transposed into a collection dedicated to the well-being of adults and their life balance.

More than twenty years of expertise in deep pressure have been put to good use to create this eco-responsible weighted blanket made of 100% organic cotton; an effort to meet important and growing needs for stress and sleep. Aside from its unique design, it helps release stress and tension from the body and mind, promotes a restorative sleep and encourages moments of rest and happiness.

Wrap yourself in love!

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Weighted Blanket - 3 kg
  • CAD $129.95 /Piece
Weighted Blanket - 6 kg
  • CAD $199.95 /Piece
Cuddle Ball
  • CAD $34.95 /Piece
Weighted Lap Pad
  • CAD $39.95 /Piece