Fine Motor

fine motor fdmtLet imagination and fascination grow with these fine motor manipulatives. Fine motor skills are involved in smaller and precise movements with the hands to reach, grasp and manipulate.

Our range of hand strengtheners, handwriting tools, scissors and other manipulatives provide opportunities for practicing fine motor skills that are necessary for dressing, writing, eating and many more activities.

Hands Strengtheners

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Automatic Mechanical Pencil
  • CAD $2.95 /Piece
Clean Grip Sharpener
  • CAD $1.95 /Piece
Duo Color'Peps
  • CAD $6.95 /Piece
Erasable drawings
  • CAD $21.95 /Piece
Geo Kidy Grip Ruler
  • CAD $2.95 /Piece
Graphite HB Jumbo Pencils
  • CAD $7.95 /Piece
Graphite HB pencils
  • CAD $3.95 /Piece
Jumbo wax crayons
  • CAD $4.95 /Piece
Kidicut Scissors
  • CAD $1.95 /Piece
Kidipulse Scissors
  • CAD $1.95 /Piece
Koopy Scissors - Automatic Opening
  • CAD $2.95 /Piece
MAXI Crayons
  • CAD $9.95 /Piece
My first modeling kit
  • CAD $16.95 /Piece
Rule easy grip 30 cm
1x CAD $1.95
5x CAD $1.75
Sensoft Scissors
  • CAD $3.95 /Piece
Signal Sharpener
  • CAD $1.95 /Piece
Triangular Eraser Holder
  • CAD $2.95 /Piece
Universal Gom Stick
  • CAD $1.95 /Piece
White plastic slate with accessories
  • CAD $7.95 /Piece