Communication & Language

communication et language - fdmtSequencing, categorizing, vocabulary building, phonics and stories are an integral part of developing expressive and receptive language. Our colorful and visually stimulating products will guide you through the early stages of language, support language acquisition and increase comprehension.

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L'échelle de bruit
  • CAD $12.95 /Piece
Le Volcan des émotions - Ma valise de solutions
  • CAD $27.95 /Piece
Les pictogrammes - Parce qu'une image vaut mille mots
  • CAD $49.95 /Piece
Les pictogrammes II - En route vers l'autonomie
  • CAD $49.95 /Piece
  • CAD $39.95 /Piece
Tableau de motivation "astronaute"
  • CAD $17.95 /Piece
Thermometer Shyness / Fear - Boy
  • CAD $14.95 /Piece