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fdmt in Daycare Centers

The importance of fdmt in daycare centers is undeniable. 

While listening to your needs and with our expertise, we know you are looking for useful quality products, safe, durable, fun and educational.  Those are exactly the criterias we are looking for when choosing a product.

Our fast and courteous service by attentive consultants confirms the specialist role you see us in.  We will honour it with pleasure.

Let us recommend coloured global motor skills kits, sturdy furniture, appropriate educational games, trusted sensory tools and many other products that will make a unique experience out of your daily operations and that children will enjoy.

Rachel Levac, Conseillère en petite enfance



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Suggested products for Daycare Centers

Teachable Touchables™ Textured Squares
  • CAD $37.95 /Piece
Soft Tunnel Climber
  • CAD $599.95 /Piece
Joey Jump
  • CAD $31.95 /Piece
Kinetic Sand™
  • CAD $19.95 /Piece