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fdmt is a valuable partner for professionals in education. Just like you, we are up-to-date with the latest innovations in pedagogy.  We are aware of new teaching strategies and make links with the programs and curriculum.  

We are looking for tools and games that will facilitate learning for students and that are related to the school’s mission which is to provide instruction, socialize and provide qualifications.

Whether to learn a language, mathematics, sciences or social skills, you will be surprised by our selections of quality and innovative products for your daily needs.

Nathalie Gagnon, Québec French School Level Consultant

E : n.gagnon@fdmt.ca
Tel : 514-701-5502

Kristine Demers, Ontario School Level Consultant

E : k.demers@fdmt.ca
Tél : 514-715-5500

Carole St-Georges, Québec English and Maritimes School Level Consultant

E : c.stgeorges@fdmt.ca

Tel : 514-757-5504


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  • CAD $26.95 /Piece
20-Second Handwashing Timer
  • CAD $16.95 /Piece
10 questions sur... Les hypersensibilités sensorielles
  • CAD $18.95 /Piece
Yacker Tracker
  • CAD $159.95 /Piece