Easi-Grip Scissors
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Easi-Grip Scissors

Product Code: 0151100

These scissors re-open automatically and require 50% less strenght than conventional scissors. Latex free product. Available for lefty or right-handed.


  • Light weight: does not fatigue user
  • Continuous loop handle: automatically reopens scissors when pressure released
  • No finger loops: can be used with thumb and fingers or palm, requires only a gentle squeeze to use
  • High quality polymer: does not snap and retains spring action
  • High quality stainless steel blade: provides longevity and cuts through paper with ease
  • Blade guard: fixes over the blades to provide safe storage

Good for:
  • Children being introduced to scissors
  • Weak grip or poor hand strength
  • Difficulty isolating individual finger movements
  • Children who struggle to follow instructions and directional commands
  • Children with small hands
  • Children with undecided hand dominance who swap hands during a task

CAD $13.95 /Piece
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