Aquarium Bubble Tube
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Aquarium Bubble Tube

Product Code: 4199100

The variation in colours, the moving fish and the gentle hum of the pump make this bubble tube the perfect sensory product to create an underwater atmosphere in any location. Whether in your sensory space, your classroom or your home, the light tube will enhance the room in a snap of fingers. It will be the sensory tool by excellence to create a calm and serene atmosphere so that the relaxation and return to calm  periods are most soothing.

  • Educational: aids in socio-emotional learning through sensory exploration
  • Design: sensory and decorative tool
  • Sensory: provides a fascinating and realistic visual and auditory experience

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CAD $214.95 /Piece
  • Availability: In stock
  • Age: 5 years and up
  • Dimensions: Tube: 100 cm and 10 cm in diameter and Base: 15 cm
  • Content: 1 bubble tube, 8 brightly coloured fish with moving tails and 1 A/C adapter
  • Composition: Tube: plastic
Wash with mild soap. CAUTION: do not immerse in water.

  1. Immerse fish in water 12 hours before starting use.
  2. Fill the tank with water (distilled water is recommended).
  3. Plug the tube into the electrical outlet, use the switch on the base of the tube to turn it on and off. 
  4. Add the fish once the aquarium is started.
  5. When used for the first time, fish may not swim at full capacity until after 6 hours of operation.


  • Handled with care and under adult supervision.
  • Do not run for more than 6 continuous hours, and wait 1 hour before turning it on again.
  • To prevent the product from falling, secure the tube with the wall bracket - 4212100.
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