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Ring Around the Tree Toss
  • CAD $44.95 /Piece
Go Go Gelato
  • CAD $28.95 /Piece
14" Stack Chair Chrome Legs
  • CAD $371.95 /Piece
Mini Bubble Wands - Jelly Belly
  • CAD $3.95 /Piece
10" Stack Chair Chrome Legs
  • CAD $341.95 /Piece
Reel it!
  • CAD $28.95 /Piece
Rectangular Table 30" x 60"
  • CAD $279.95 /Piece


Snippy® Original Scissors
  • CAD $1.95
    CAD $0.98 /Piece
Large Jumparoo
  • CAD $699.95
    CAD $524.96 /Piece
Infection Control Rest Mat
  • CAD $18.95
    CAD $13.27 /Piece
Logic Beads
  • CAD $16.95
    CAD $11.87 /Piece
Une création brillante de FDMT - A bright idea by FDMT

All children learn differently and our goal is to help them develop to their full potential. We wholeheartedly offer you resources, games, educational materials and quality sensory tools. We are your allies in challenges, your accomplices in daily pleasures.

Our mandate is to promote children’s development to their fullest potential!
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