Weighted Blanket - Large 48 Pockets
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Weighted Blanket - Large 48 Pockets

Product Code: 0120-12H

A powerful and effective tool for individuals with sensory issues. Helps to soothe, relax and calm before sleep or any time of the day. The proprioceptive effect and deep pressure can calm, improve attention span, improve body awareness and reduce behaviors related to sensory issues.

Our blankets have a unique design of adjustable, comfortable, non-voluminous weights. This provides flexibility and can be adapted to various needs at clinics, home, or school.

Choose from various models available in two sizes, then determine the total weight which you will need, weights can be added or removed from the pockets as required. Fabric design may differ from image. Machine washable. Made in Canada. 168 x 110 cm.Weighted blanket with poly-cotton water repellent cover.

* Warning: It is recommended to use weighted clothes and blankets under the supervision of a qualified therapist

CAD $289.95 /Piece
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Detailed products datasheets:
  • 1 / 4 pound weight (pk12) (x 4)
  • Grande couverture lourde avec housse (x 1)
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