Hand grip strengthener kit
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Hand grip strengthener kit

Product Code: 4122000

The hand exerfit set is the perfect tool to improve finger, hand and forearm strength. It includes three different resistance levels: light (blue), medium (red) and firm (green). Each color has its own strength. This gradation of strength allows it to adapt to the evolution of the muscle, so it is to be favored in rehabilitation situations. Finally, in stressful situations, pressing an exerfit helps to relieve stress. Its small size allows you to reduce your stress wherever you are.

  • Educational: helps develop fine motor skills
  • Playful: allows children to have fun while strength training
  • Evolutionary: 3 levels of difficulty

CAD $19.95 /Piece
  • Availability: In stock
  • Age: 6 years and up
  • Colors: blue, red and green (set of 3)
  • Dimensions: about 3 and a half inches wide
  • Weight: 80 g each
  • Composition: made of 100% TPR (thermoplastic rubber) durable food grade
  • Content: set of 3 exerfit resistance levels – light (20 lbs resistance), medium (28 lbs resistance) and firm (45 lbs resistance)
If necessary, wash in warm soapy water.