Dr. Microbe
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Dr. Microbe

Product Code: 3641000

Can you grab the microbes you need? In each round of Dr. Microbe, you're presented with a challenge card that shows some combination of microbes and (possibly) a superbug. Each player has tweezers and a petri dish that's divided into three small sections and one large one. As soon as the card is revealed, players must race to place the microbes (and superbug, if present) in their petri dish. What's more, they must figure out which microbes (and possibly the superbug) to place in their petri dish based on this rule: The superbug must always be a different shape and color than the other three microbes in your dish! Whoever fills their dish with the proper items first claims the challenge card, and whoever first grabs five cards wins the game! Playing time 15 min. 2 to 4 players. Ages 8 +

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